• COMPREHENSIVE In House Dyno for Obsession Performance projects, builds & tuning.

  • Our Dyno Services ensure your performance package is properly tested under various load conditions, in addition to street testing. This is CRITICAL – we will tweak your tune on the Dyno until it’s RIGHT!
  • 3 Power Pulls for $75 during Dyno Days only.    Held several times a year, follow us on Facebook for times/dates.

The 224xLC offers the ease of use of an inertia dyno, along with the advanced testing capabilities of an Eddy Current Load Control dyno. Perfect for diesels or forced induction applications.

The 224xLC Dynamometer features a 24″ knurled, precision balanced drum, Eddy Current Load Absorption Unit, 2000HP measurement capacity and a max speed of 200 MPH.

Addition Dyno Sensors Available

Wideband AFR

Vacuum / Boost

100 Psi Boost Pressure

100 Psi Fuel Pressure

100 Psi Oil Pressure