5th Gen Camaro SS Whipple Supercharger Package 4


  • Whipple Supercharger Kit

  • ATI Super Damper – Harmonic Balancer

  • FIC 660cc (62#) Fuel Injectors

  • Zl1 Drop In Fuel Pump Ugprade

  • NGK TR6IX Spark Plug Set (1 Heat Range Colder)

  • AEM X-Series Wideband AFR Gauge

  • Defrost Vent Gauge Pod Mount & Adapter

  •  Borla ATAK Cat-Back Exhaust

  • Mighty Mouse Catch Can

  • Kooks Stainless Long Tube Headers with  High Flow Cats

  • Stage 1 through 3 Cam Package

  • Dyno/Street Tune

Package Description

♦ Package includes Complete Professional Installation.

♦ Tuning for this package is Required, along with full Street Driving verification.

♦ Pre & Post Dyno testing with printouts included with this package. 

♦ Camshaft Packages are available with a Stage 1 – Stage 4 Cam

♦ Automatic Cars will require a L99 to LS3 Conversion which includes a  AFM/DOD Delete & Non-VVT Cam Conversion Kit for an additional $1659.46

♦ Automatic Cars wanting a Stage 2 + Will Require a higher stall torque converter. Please Contact for Options/Pricing

♦ Any and all packages can be custom tailored to fit customer needs!


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