Transmissions – from Stock to Extreme Performance

Obsession Performance is a authorized Jasper Engine & Transmission installer for great stock transmissions with a warranty!

The nice thing about transmissions is that there are many companies who specialize in “just Ford” or “just Allison” or high end performance, whether for a sports car or truck.     So, for transmissions we have more manufacturers (then engines) and will sit down with you to discuss options, features and warranties so that you can make the most informed decision.

We DO NOT rebuild transmissions, this is a specialty service, where reputation and quality must be taken into consideration especially when going high end performance.    We’ll go over options with you, then have it delivered directly to our shop for installation (and tuning if needed).

We encourage you to click on some of our transmission providers below to read about their options.    Remember this isn’t a complete list, there could be a specialist for your car (year/model) that we’ll help you find.    Call us anytime, and we’ll go over how to get your car/truck back on the road!